Stay ahead in 2019 with these 5 simple steps… step 3 is our favorite!

Stay ahead in 2019 with these 5 simple steps that you can actually take:

1. Integrate exercise:

For most of us, we “don’t have the time” to exercise daily. It is much easier to find ways to integrate exercises into your daily routine instead, at least as a start. For example, instead of taking the elevator to your friend’s 3rd floor apartment, start taking the stairs instead. When you start to feel the benefits of exercising, you will start having more time for it.

2. Unplug daily:

We are tuned in 24/7 to electronics, which increases anxiety and stress. Unplug daily, for at least an hour, from any electronic device. Start taking this small step to reduce your tech addiction and all hidden anxiety that comes from it.

3. Get enough sleep (YES!):

As Koalas, we love to sleep. Studies have shown that getting enough sleep helps your body and skin repair itself, pumps blood into your skin to give it a healthy glow, reduces puffy eyes, makes you more alert the next day, reduces stress and keeps your heart healthy.

Here’s a chart on how much is enough sleep according to studies published online:

(4-11 months):  12-15 hours, (1-2 years):  11-14 hours, (3-5):  10-13 hours

(6-13):  9-11 hours, (14-17):  8-10 hours, (18-64):  7-9 hours, (65+):  7-8 hours

Find your sweet spot, everyone is a bit different.

We will cover how to get better sleep in future emails.

4. Stay away from unmanageable diets:

Getting more healthy or losing weight is a worthy goal. But instead of following the next diet craze that you can never maintain on the long run, aim to eat a little healthier in general. Cut down your calories intake and start integrating easy exercises (step 1). Start heading back to the kitchen and less to pre-prepared or fast food restaurants. Kitchens are getting fancier yet people are stopping to use them. Once in a while, start preparing your own food which helps you eat healthier and less calories. Eat a little more healthy and don’t deprive yourself completely from your favorite food, it is not maintainable.

5. Embrace kindness:

A research conducted on 3200 middle aged people (asking questions related to volunteer work) found that those who volunteer or contribute to people around them experience a more lasting feeling of happiness and drive. When you embrace kindness and generosity, your life will become better. Start giving back and caring more.

We launched a campaign at Koala (that will end soon) and were able to donate a significant number of ponytail beanies that You Gave by participating in the Buy 1 Give 1 December campaign. Thank You for giving back and helping us warm few hearts.

You can still participate in buying and giving a ponytail beanie to those in need this winter here:

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