How to choose the best fast inflatable air bed in the market?

1) Material:

Material is very important when it comes to this product. If you choose cheap material, your inflatable lazy bag / air bed will only endure a couple weeks of usage before throwing it away.

The best fast inflatable air bed / laybed needs to be manufactured with strong Nylon material.

Nylon fabric was used to manufacture parachutes during world war II when the united states wasn’t able to import silk from Japan.

Nylon fabric Laybed

Nylon also has different qualities. For this kind of product, Nylon called ripstop 190T and ripstop 210T makes a high quality durable against rips (ripstop) inflatable air bed; with the ripstop 210T coming on top.

Polyester, which is cheaper from nylon and less durable, is used today to manufacture this product and sold at lower costs for a lower non-durable quality.

As for the inner material, a PVC or PE (transparent plastic) layer should be used to hold the air inside, ranging from 0.2mm to 0.4mm thickness. This plastic layers is necessary to making the inflatable air bed / laybed water repellent, and to allow the air bed to hold the air better inside.

2) Inflation time

A high quality fast inflatable air bed / laybed should hold air inside for 3 to 5 hours before having to re-inflate it, as this technology does not include 100% closure when closed.

However, and due to low quality material and cheap inner plastic coating, a lot of the fast inflatable air beds in the market fail to hold air inside for that long and quickly deflate within 30 minutes to an hour,
How can you know before buying it?

Fast Inflatable Laybed

Well you can’t, unless the seller offers a free “test ride”.

You can always ask about the material. If the material and quality is good, then it’s a pretty good sign that the inflatable air bed will do what it’s supposed to do.

3) Features/add ons:

Useful features to have in the fast inflatable air bed / laybed are add-ons like pockets, a loophole and a cup/bottle holder.

– Pockets: pockets are great if you need to place your phone/book/tablet in a reachable area while resting on the air bed, allowing you to quickly reach your stuff instead of having to put them in and out of your bag carrier.

– The loophole is a fabric opening at the bottom back of the air bed to allow fixing the air bed in the ground when there’s too much wind. A good additional accessory is a metal pin for this usage.

fast inflatable Laybed original

– The bottle holder: as the air bed is not stable, the bottle holder is very useful to have a place to keep your drink next to you.

Other accessories that can be found in the market are a bottle opener attached to the closure, LED lights to insert inside the air bed / laybed allowing an attractive colorful glow in the dark, and a tool we greatly appreciate in summer: the sun protector / sun tent that can be attached near your head rest on those hot sunny days outdoors.

Some of the fast inflatable air beds brands in the market prefer not to add these features while few choose to offer a distinguishable product.

Koala original’s Laybed features all the mentioned features; the new Generation Laybed with Tent and LED will be launched in Mid July 2017.

4) Size:

The fast inflatable air bed / laybed’s full inflation size needs to be at least somewhere near your height to allow you to lay comfortably without your feet touching the ground. A size of 170 to 180cm is usually enough for the average/tall person.

Laybed Size

5) Price:

While you should stay away from low priced fast inflatable air beds (which usually indicate the use of cheap polyester), an extremely high price does not mean that the product is of better quality, unless you know exactly what you are paying for and buying several add-ons that justify the higher price.

A $45 to $65 price range is a good average for buying a good quality fast inflatable air bed / laybed, with at least a couple of the add-ons/features mentioned above.

Anywhere higher than that range is usually unjustifiable. Anywhere below that range could be a sign of low quality manufacturing.

Have any additional questions? Ask them below!

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